Jointed Bum

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JW Jointed Bum is a big wooden swimbait with its high bodyprofile, a   real killer when pikes are hunting breams or other big baitfish with a   high profile, It weighs 170gr and measures 20cm. Swimmingdepth are   depended of the speed, The lure sinks pretty fast and runs deeper in   lower speed and rises more shallow in higher speed. Let say youre   trolling the Jointed Bumit  whill swims arround 2m deep in 1.5knots and   sink down deeper during inner curves(lower speed).. Take it home  faster  arround 2.5 knots and it runs at a few decimiter wich can be  perfect for  the faster summerfishing over weedbeds!

Delivered without hooks. Recommended hook size 4/0